DESIGNS ON SHOES – catching your eyes

Graffiti, crosses, words and everything that comes to a human mind. Why are we attracted towards what looks pleasant to the eyes? Why do different sorts of design catch the eye? That is because our mind is very open to creativity and wants more visual things to get our brain to like a particular object.

It can be as simple as designs on shoes, yes shoes are what people especially girls are mad-crazy about. They love the smell of new leather or the first sound a box of the shoe makes. But isn’t that every one of us? GUILTY PLEASURE.

Let us all unite together on the fact that most of us fun and joy hearted people would love creatively designed sneakers over the dull, boring and the same sneaker, wouldn’t we? Well, that’s the purpose we are here for, we are here to help you bring your creativity out and live for it by wearing it.


We are here to separate your regular shoes with the ones we offer and make you stand out. Our highly cute designs on shoes allow you to develop and demonstrate your liking by reflecting it through your personality. We offer a vast collection of shoes with jaw-droppingly creative design especially mastering in sneakers and boots, but the rest of the category can’t hide from us either.

The design is the most critical part of the shoes, and we keep that in our mind. Our colorful designs are made with acute care by analyzing the interest of people and fashion trends. Our plan is first tested out and approved by everyone, the drawings before they get turned into design are overseen by our colleagues, managers, shoe specialists and then printed out to be delivered to our clients in the best condition. Again, the shoe rocks your look more than anything else.

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