TIPS for better SHOE CARE

A proper care and cleaning is absolutely essential to make your pair of KLUs last longer…

Here you will find a few tips to help you keep them always clean and in good condition.

We want you to know how best to look after and cherish your shoes, so that they can serve you well for years to come.


What NOT to do to your shoes in general:

  • No air: Shoes require decent airflow to enable it to breathe. Never store shoes in plastic.
  • Overwearing: Constantly wearing a single pair of shoes can irreversibly damage the structure of them, in which case, no amount of cleaning can save it. Rotate your shoe wardrobe often.
  • Dry feet only: Always dry your feet before wearing shoes- damp/moist feet can cause a multitude of health issues and also causes shoes to get moldy.
  • Don’t forget to wipe: Mud and liquids should be wiped off as soon as possible, specifically from leather shoes to avoid stains.
  • Forget the heater:  Do not dry your damp shoes near a heat source. Air drying is best.


And here’s what you SHOULD be doing to keep your shoes in a prime condition for a long time:

  • New shoes should initially be worn for no more than two or three hours at a time. Only when the shoes and the feet have become accustomed to each other, they should be worn for a whole day.
  • Try to wear your shoes in dry conditions for the first few occasions. Avoid getting your shoes extremely wet – if this occurs, allow your shoes to dry naturally on shoe trees and lay the shoes on their sides rather than on their soles. Never use direct heat.
  • Best way to make sure that the shoes don’t crease or lose their original shape is to store them in the original box along with all the elements provided by the factory.
  • Undo the straps before putting the shoes on to prevent the buckles and elastics from breaking.
  • Keep the shoes away of direct sunlight so that they stay their original colour and don’t fade. 
  • Using a shoehorn is a good option, so that the heels and the counters stay firm and don’t lose shape.  
  • Do not wear the same shoes on two successive days. The leather needs time to dry and recover after each wearing.
  • Shoe trees should be used after each wearing to maintain the shape of the shoe and help them dry out.
  • You can wipe the shoes down and apply a quality cream or wax polish after every wearing to feed the leather and prevent cracking, even if the shoes do not appear to have lost any of their original shine.
  • Avoid unsuitable additions to either sole or heel, such as stick-on soles, as these can affect the balance, comfort and life of your shoes.
  • If needed, repair your shoes in good time.


We hope these tips will be helpful!  

If you have other tips on how to look after your shoes and you want to share them, send us a quick note 😊

We are listening!

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