TIPS for better SHOE CARE

A proper care and cleaning is absolutely essential to make your pair of KLUs last longer… Here you will find a few tips to help you keep them always clean and in good condition. We want you to know how best to look after and cherish your shoes, so that they can serve you well for years to come.   What NOT to do to your

SHOE HISTORY – 100 years of shoes

While there’s no doubt they’ve gotten more comfortable in those 100 years, those shoes from the 1920s and ’30s sure look nice.  Strangely, they left out the huge platform disco shoes from the ‘70s, although they were there in the ’40s and ’90s and ’10s.  

FASHION – from heals to sneakers

Fashion is the only thing which has evolved more than we humans have. Whether it is the flat, dusty shoes of snow-white or the extravagant perfectly well-fitted heels of Cinderella, fashion in the shoe category has come a long way. The history of fashion has a long story to tell, but the category of shoes falls

SHOES – the new era of fashion

Ever looked at someone having good hair, perfect bright eyes, ear-to-ear smile, well fitted and stylish clothes wrapped perfectly around their body – and then, as your eyes drop down on their shoes? That’s where your fashion sense shatters, and you think to yourself, WHY EVEN? It happens, the footwear plays a mindboggling role in

DESIGNS ON SHOES – catching your eyes

Graffiti, crosses, words and everything that comes to a human mind. Why are we attracted towards what looks pleasant to the eyes? Why do different sorts of design catch the eye? That is because our mind is very open to creativity and wants more visual things to get our brain to like a particular object. It

What your SHOES say about YOU

We’ve always known that shoes say a lot about a person, but researchers made it official earlier this decade with a published study. Yes, looks that in fact, you can judge a person by their shoes. We know shoes matter in making a first impression, but we didn’t know they matter that much! So whether