15 Creative ways to tie shoelaces quickly

Ready to spice up your shoes? Are your cool pair of sneakers missing a personal touch? Just simply tie your laces completely different than everyone else and your shoes will look way more personal and unique. There are quite a few ways to tie your shoes differently, take a look below to see a simple

TIPS for better SHOE CARE

A proper care and cleaning is absolutely essential to make your pair of KLUs last longer… Here you will find a few tips to help you keep them always clean and in good condition. We want you to know how best to look after and cherish your shoes, so that they can serve you well for years to come.   What NOT to do to your

SHOE HISTORY – 100 years of shoes

While there’s no doubt they’ve gotten more comfortable in those 100 years, those shoes from the 1920s and ’30s sure look nice.  Strangely, they left out the huge platform disco shoes from the ‘70s, although they were there in the ’40s and ’90s and ’10s.  

AWESOME shoe prints – all way to the end

Yes, it is, and people get all eager when it comes to finding something new in the category of awesome clothing and wearables. But hasn’t anyone seen people going gaga over shoes? Please tell me it isn’t only me. There have to be more people like me who are in love with how a pair of shoes

FASHION – from heals to sneakers

Fashion is the only thing which has evolved more than we humans have. Whether it is the flat, dusty shoes of snow-white or the extravagant perfectly well-fitted heels of Cinderella, fashion in the shoe category has come a long way. The history of fashion has a long story to tell, but the category of shoes falls

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